The Staffordshire Bull terrier, known as the Staffie is a short haired breed of dog that was first bred in Staffordshire and northern parts of Birmingham in the U.K.

The breed originated by crossing the Bulldog and the Black and Tan terrier, and evolved over time with the profusion of other breeds, for refinement purposes. In the mid 19th century it was bred for vermin control and dog fighting, Breeder James Hicks from Birmingham, England who was the founder of the Bull terrier, played a significant role in perfecting the Staffie.


After blood sports and dog fighting were banned in 1835, attitudes changed which resulted in generations of responsible breeding and further breed refinement of the Staffie as a family pet and companion dog.

In the 1930s the Kennel club in the U.K accepted the Staffordshire Bull terrier as a breed, the Staffies reputation as a fighting dog was a big obstacle to overcome, but the breed eventually earned recognition as a wonderful family pet. Staffies first arrived in America during the 1880s, but it wasn’t until 1974 that the American Kennel club recognised the Staffordshire Bull terrier as a breed, not to be confused with the American Staffordshire Bull terrier, which is a distinctly different and separate breed.


The Staffordshire Bull terrier is a stocky, muscular and strong dog, it has a broad chest, strong shoulders and well boned wide set legs, it has a wide head with a short muzzle. It is a medium sized dog, that usually stands between 14 and 16 inches at the shoulders, a healthy Staffie will weigh between 11 and 16kg.

A Staffie will have a short coat which is stiff and close, the coats main colour can be white, fawn, tan, blue, black, brindle or any of the fore mentioned with white.

Considered to be loyal, devoted, tenacious and a particularly affectionate breed of dog, the Staffordshie Bull terrier is among the dog breeds recommended by the Kennel club as suitable for families with children. Because of its dog fighting origins, when challenged by other dogs the Staffie is generally known not to back down from a fight.


The Staffordshire Bull terrier is one of the most popular dogs in the U. K, France and Australia, in 2019 a television programme, Britain s favourite dogs declared the Staffordshire Bull terrier to be the most popular dog in Britain. Due to its popularity, Staffordshire Bull terriers have experienced negative culture for over breeding, more than a third of the dogs that pass through shelters such as Battersea dogs home, are Staffordshire Bull terriers.


Staffies are often associated with the chav culture, and tend to attract the negativity associated with this, a number of federal and municipal governments around the world have placed restrictions on owning Pitbull like dogs, this includes the English Bull terrier, the American Pitbull terrier, the American Staffordshire Bull terrier and the Staffordshire Bull terrier.

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