This is my dog Pep, he is part Long Haired Chihuahua part nuisance, but he is my best friend and I wouldn’t swap him for anything.

Pep is the third long haired chihuahua we have owned, we got him in April 2017 a few weeks after the previous long haired chihuahua Benji passed away. Despite being diagnosed with a heart murmur at the age of five, he was just a few weeks short of his seventeenth birthday when he passed. Heart murmurs are quite common in small dogs, Lady the first long haired chihuahua we had also suffered from this problem.

When we lost Benji, it was a terrible feeling, he was part of the family, then suddenly he wasn’t there, I’ll always remember him and lady before him, and the good times we had, but I needed to get another dog. I had a routine of getting up early in the morning and taking him for a walk around the park, I was lost without my routine.

We purchased Pep from a deaf and dumb couple who lived about twenty miles away, he cost £450, but it was money well spent. His mother was brown and white, while his father was black with just a bit of brown, when we first got Pep he had quite a lot of black on him but most of it as now faded.

He was about fourteen weeks old when we got him, he found it difficult for the first week or so after leaving his parents, but once he settled in he was fine. House training didn’t take long, he soon realised if he needed to do anything, to take it outside.

The vets as never been is favourite place, but unfortunately in his first couple of years he’s spent a bit of time there. We took him for his first injections and had him micro chipped which didn’t seem to bother him too much, when he reached six months we took him to be castrated, this he didn’t enjoy. It turned out he had a condition called Crypt Orchid, which is when one or both of the testicles stay in the stomach area rather than making their way down, he had to have surgery to remove the testicle which hadn’t dropped, otherwise it can cause problems in later life, while he was under the anesthetic they also removed two baby teeth, so he was laid up for a few days.

Earlier this year he suffered from a bad stomach infection, so it was another trip to the vets, he had blood tests, an x-ray and an ultra sound scan, because he wasn’t eating, we had to drop him off at the vets in the morning and pick him up at night, so that they could inject his medicines and fluids. He didn’t eat anything for three full days, it was a real worry, when he did start to eat again it was a real relief and within a few days he was back to normal.


It’s a good job we took out insurance, his spell at the vets and the treatments totaled £1200, of which we only had to pay £99, but because we have the yearly policy rather than the lifetime one, any future stomach problems will not be covered. He was a little overweight, so we had to cut down on the treats and hopefully he’ll be okay.

Exercise is not a problem, there is a park just round the corner and we;re in there twice a day, we also have a big garden at the back for him to roam about in. He’s not the best with other dogs, he’s always been nervous with them, there’s only a couple he’ll go anywhere near. With other people and kids he’s fine, he likes to be the centre of attention and being pampered.

Pep as the run of the house, just like the previous dogs we’ve had, he’s part of the family and life wouldn’t be the same or as good without him.

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