One thing I can never understand is how some people can be so cruel to dogs, or animals in general for that matter. When I see pictures in newspapers or images on TV showing some of the cruelty people inflict on poor helpless animals it really makes my blood boil. It’s a disgrace that some people think it’s funny to harm an animal, or someone can leave an animal for days without food or water, what make it worse is after someone mistreats an animal they think they have got the right to own another one.


Some people think that dog fighting is a sport, watching two dogs ripping each other apart is not sport, at the moment the law is nowhere near strong enough. Normally dogs like staffordshire bull terriers, and others which can lock their jaws on are used for these fights, but often more placid dogs are used beforehand for what is called baiting. This is when vicious fighting dogs are set on a helpless dog to let them get the taste for blood, I don’t think any punishment is to harsh for these people. Maybe if they were chained up in a room and a bear was let in, it would give them a taste of their own medicine.

If someone can’t look after a pet they should not be allowed to own one, if it’s too much trouble to exercise a dog then don’t get one, the same if it’s too much trouble to feed one. If a dog is looked after properly it will be the most loyal friend you could get, but you need to able to spend time with it and treat it right. The fact that in this day and age we need charities to prevent cruelty to animals is nothing short of pathetic.


Look at the pictures above, how could anyone do them any harm, believe it or not there are people who do. Dogs like these are regularly mistreated, beaten, starved or left to live in conditions you wouldn’t believe. How much longer can we allow this to go on ?

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michael simpson

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